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car accident attorneys in gulf port, pascagoula, ocean springs, bay st. louis, biloxi MississippiFor many drivers, speeding is a normal part of driving, and in Mississippi, it’s no different — speeding happens all too often. And yet, driving over the speed limit is illegal. If you are injured by someone’s reckless behavior on the road, you have the right to seek compensation for your injuries. Every driver deserves justice after an accident that is not their fault, including coverage for all costs and pain endured.

Based on this, proving that the other driver was at fault can be difficult. This is where a seasoned Gulfport car accident attorney at Boyce Holleman and Associates can help you fight back by filing a claim so you can get compensated for the full extent of your damages. We are committed to ensuring our clients are not victimized by the system and obtain the highest settlement possible.

Why Speeding Accidents Increase the Risk of Catastrophic Injuries and Fatalities

When a vehicle is driving at a higher speed, it increases the energy involved in a collision exponentially. According to the basic laws of physics, as speed doubles, the force of impact quadruples. This increased force can cause more severe damage to vehicles as well as the human body.

Not to mention the faster a vehicle travels, the less time the driver has to react to unexpected situations or hazards. This can make it impossible to avoid a collision. And since speeding also increases the distance required to come to a complete stop, even if a driver perceives a danger and reacts immediately, the vehicle may not stop in time to prevent a crash.

The common car safety features like airbags and seatbelts are also designed to work optimally at certain speeds. When a car is involved in a high-speed crash, the severity of the impact is greater, and the protective gear may not be able to manage the forces exerted on the occupants’ bodies as effectively as they would at lower speeds.

Because the crash is so violent, it can make the car keep moving and hit other vehicles, objects on the road, or pedestrians walking. These secondary collisions can make the accident even worse.

Whether it is one initial collision or a chain of secondary crashes, the strong force of a speeding car can wreak havoc on the car’s frame. In a high-speed crash, parts of the frame can get bent or broken. This can cause the outside of the car to smash into the passenger cabin. When the frame doesn’t hold up, the dashboard, steering wheel, or even the engine can get pushed into the cabin. This is why high-speed crashes are more likely to cause fatal injuries as well.

Mississippi’s Speeding-Related Traffic Laws to Keep the Roads Safe

To discourage drivers from speeding, the state has established several clear speed limits.

For both rural and urban freeways in Mississippi, the maximum speed limit is set at 70 miles per hour. In residential areas, where the risk of speed-related accidents is higher due to pedestrians, the maximum speed limit is more conservative at 25 miles per hour. Enforcement in these areas is particularly strict, with special attention given to schools, hospitals, and construction zones, where limits may be even lower.

Absolute and Basic Speeding Laws

Mississippi operates under both absolute and basic speeding laws. As per the absolute law, driving over the speed limit is illegal. The basic speeding law, however, is more subjective and requires drivers to operate their vehicles at a “reasonable and prudent” speed for the conditions. For example, driving at 45 mph in a 55 mph zone during a heavy thunderstorm could be considered unsafe and a violation of the basic speeding law.

“Move Over” Law

The “Move Over” law in Mississippi is a traffic regulation designed to protect the safety of emergency responders and personnel who work on highways. It explicitly states that while driving on the road, if you see an emergency service vehicle, like a fire truck, police car, ambulance, or tow truck, parked on the roadside with its lights flashing, you must move over, or at the very least, slow down to a safe speed that is below the posted speed limit.

How Our Car Accident Lawyers in Gulfport Will Help You Pursue Maximum Compensation

When you are hit by a car in Gulfport or surrounding areas in Mississippi and it’s not your fault, our car accident lawyers step in to help you get paid for your losses. We account for every aspect of your life affected by the accident, including your immediate medical bills, but we go beyond that. We consider long-term impacts, such as ongoing therapy, changes in your ability to work, and emotional distress.

Establishing Liability

We know that a successful claim hinges on showing the other driver was at fault. So, our legal team examines the accident’s details to establish a “breach of duty”, i.e., they were not driving safely. This can include speeding, distracted driving, or breaking the traffic law in any other way.

Collecting Different Types of Evidence

To demonstrate that the driver failed failure to adhere to the standard of care while driving and did not obey the speed limits, our lawyers systematically collect various forms of evidence:

Negotiating With the Insurance Company

Insurance companies prioritize their own financial interests by trying to close claims with minimal payout. Our lawyers enter these negotiations by thoroughly reviewing your medical records, repair bills, and lost wages to determine a fair settlement value. Armed with this information, we challenge any lowball offers, using documented evidence and expert testimonies to illustrate the extent of your suffering.

Taking Your Case to Trial

If negotiations fail, our next step is to present your case in court. We organize the collected evidence, from the moment of the crash to the full extent of your recovery journey, in a manner that clearly shows the causality and impact. Our goal in the courtroom is to develop a narrative that resonates with the judge and jury and to secure a verdict that fully compensates for your losses.

Injured in a Speeding Accident? Let Our Gulfport Lawyers Fight for You 

The statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit for car accident injuries across Mississippi is three years from the date of the accident. But evidence from the accident scene will disappear, witness memories will fade, and surveillance camera footage and other critical data and information may no longer be available if you delay in pursuing a claim. To have the advantage of time on your side in settlement negotiations with the insurance company, get in touch with our personal injury attorneys at Boyce Holleman and Associates.

Since 1950, we have represented thousands of car accident victims and their families not just in Gulfport and Biloxi, but also in the smaller communities of D’Iberville and Saucier. Give us a call at 228-863-3142 or contact us online to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with us.


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