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family law attorney in gulf port, pascagoula, ocean springs, bay st. louis, biloxi MississippiThe impact of a catastrophic injury is long-lasting; and, in many cases, the pain and suffering may never really end for the injured victim and their family. The accident may have a ripple effect that radiates to every aspect of the injured person’s life. A personal injury claim for damages may not restore your life to a pre-accident state. With that said, it will help you and your family to adjust to the new normal quickly. A trusted personal injury attorney can help you get the financial compensation and justice you deserve to move forward.

Impact on Physical and Mental Health of Family Members

Devastating injuries have an obvious effect on the physical and mental health of victims. Furthermore, these types of accidents can also have a negative impact on family members. There are lifelong issues related to catastrophic injuries, including chronic pain. Family members may ignore their health in an effort to take care of an injured loved one.

Catastrophic injuries often lead to limited mobility requiring caregivers, walking aids, and pain that cannot be relieved by pharmaceuticals. A few injuries may even result in the risk of fatal illness. For instance, the victim may suffer third-degree burn injuries or infections that become systemic. Debilitating pain combined with the knowledge of massive lifestyle changes can push anyone into psychological stress.

Family members are prone to experiencing mental health issues too, such as:

Family members are usually forced to give up their lives and hobbies to take care of the accident survivor. Spouses and children may have to sacrifice a lot to take care of an injured loved one. This can take a toll on their body and have a negative impact on their mental health.

Financial Impact of a Catastrophic Injury

The monetary impact of long-term injuries can be expansive and crushing. There may also be property damage. For instance, if the accident involved a car, the family may have to find another mode of transport to get to work or school. The injured family member may not have any means to get to their therapy and doctor’s appointments.

Medical bills can continue to climb, and the expenses may become never-ending. This is especially true for injured parties that need mobility aids, specialized care, and physical therapy. These are a few types of costs that can impact a family’s financial health:

Many of these financial burdens may last a lifetime. This makes it important for you to seek financial recovery through a personal injury lawsuit. A seasoned and knowledgeable personal injury attorney will assess all aspects of the accident and injury to arrive at an accurate compensation estimate.

It is possible for someone that suffered a catastrophic injury to never fully recover. This can affect a family’s financial health even if the injured party was not the primary earning member. They may have contributed in other ways. Providing care for children, caring for the home, transporting the kids to school and various other activities may now need to be done by other family members.

Lifestyle Changes After a Catastrophic Injury

The impact of catastrophic injuries extends beyond mental, physical, and financial health. It can irreparably alter a person’s life. This holds true for the victim and their loved ones. Substantial changes can occur in hobbies, daily activities, and other things. Depending on the condition of the survivor, many activities that the family enjoyed in unison may not be possible.

These are a few common lifestyle changes that family members are forced to make to care for their loved ones:

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